Seaweed Irish Moss Dried

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Product style: Blanched
Place of Origin: Peru
Packing: 15 kg
Size: 5-20
Quantity: 100 ton
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We are an export company of dried seaweed different varieties. Species: chicorea De mar. chondracanthus Chamissoi, lessonia nigrenscens, lessonia trabeculata, Macrocystis Pyrifera, Gigartina chamissoi, Gracilaria, chondrus Crispus, ulvlactuca, sea lettuce, Macrocystis integrifolia, sea moss, Chondracanthus tenellus. Gigartina tenella.sea moss.yuyo.mococho, chicoria de mar, Codium irish moss, sargassum, codium.sea cucumbers. patallus mollis, sodium alginate, brown kelp, Irish moss, Eisenia arborea. laminaria orchroleuta, seamoss. salicornia.asparagus of the sea.salt grass.arame. ecklonia arborea
We have two presentations available for human consumption for the industry. Agar.cosmetica. Carrageenan carragehen
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Jesus De Nazareth Peruvian

Certification: phytosanitary
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Location: Peru, Ica, Peru
Registration: 8 years ago
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