Pangasius/Basa Fillet Welltrimmed

Price: 1.7
Min Order: 01 x 40RF
Product style: Frozen
Place of Origin: Viet Nam
Packing: Carton
Size: 120-170g, 170-220g, 220-300g, 300-400g
Quantity: 2700
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* Product : Basa Fish - Made in Vietnam
* Type :120-170/170-220/220-300/300-400.
* Cert : HACCP/ASC/BRC/ Halal
* Payment term : LCAS or TT : 20/80.
* Others products : Pangasius Fillet/ Steak...

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Certification: HACCP, HALAH
Main Product: Basa, Pangasius, Swai, Tra Fish, Catfish, Dory, Fillet, Butterfly, Steak, WR, HGT
Location: Sa Dec, Dong Thap, Viet Nam
Registration: 2 years ago
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