Frozen Top Shell meat

Price: $7/kg
Min Order: 1 container
Product style: Frozen
Place of Origin: Ukraine
Packing: 10 Kgs in poly bag x 2. 20 kgs into a carton box
Size: 2L,L,M,S,SS
Quantity: 600 tons
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2L 15-20/pcs/kg
L 20-40/pcs/kg
M 40-60/pcs/kg
S 60-80/pcs/kg
2S 80-120/pcs/kg
3S 120-/~pcs/kg

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Chornomor Moreprodukt LLC

Certification: HACCP
Main Product: Top shell
Location: Odessa, Odesskaya Oblast, Ukraine
Registration: 2 months ago
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