Frozen Sardine

Price: Competitive
Min Order: 20 tons
Product style: Frozen
Place of Origin: Viet Nam
Packing: 10 x 1kg plain bag with rider
Size: 10/13, 13/20
Quantity: 1 cont 20' FCL
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Free Member 46
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Frozen Sardine butterfly, IQF
Size: 10/13 13/20
Assort: 40% 60%
Price: 100% net
80% net
Packing: 10 x 1kg plain bag with rider
Payment: LC 45days
Ship to any destination

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Fishline Seafood Company Ltd

Main Product: Shrimps, Pangasius, Cephalopods
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh , Viet Nam
Registration: 3 months ago
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