Frozen salmon whole and salmon heads

Price: $3 per kg
Min Order: 10000 kg
Product style: Frozen
Place of Origin: United States
Packing: 20kg box
Size: 500g up
Quantity: 1000 tons
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Product 3: frozen salmon fish
Scientific Name: Salmon Salar
Common Name: Atlantic Salmon
Primary Source: Chile, Canada, Norway
Specifications: Skinless and skin-on, boneless fillets; whole, head-on, gutted.
Grades: Premium, Industrial, Grilse
Max Size: 20 lbs
Avg. Size: 8-15 lbs
Packaging: 20 kg Master Carton, Totes

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus keta
Common Name: Chum Salmon Fillet
Primary Source: Pacific ocean
Size: 500-1000g, 1000g+
Packaging: Bulk, vacuum, poly bag, color bag, etc.
Specifications: Bulk, IQF

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus keta
Common Name: Chum Salmon H & G
Primary Source: Alaska, United States
Size: 4-6lb, 6-9lb
Packaging: Bulk packed in plastic placed in 1,600 pound totes, Or Master Cartons
Specifications: Bulk,BQF

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Main Product: King crab, snow crab, spanner crab, stone crab, blue crab, shrimp, lobster, fish tuna, ribbon
Location: Lihue, Hawaii, United States
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