Frozen Atlantic Mackerel For Sale / Frozen Mackerel fish,atlantic-mackerel ,Scomber-Scombrus

Price: % 1.20/kg
Min Order: 25tons
Product style: Frozen
Place of Origin: Norway
Packing: 20kg/carton
Size: 100,200,300,400,500,600
Quantity: 2000 tons
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We are Seafood processor, seafood exporter, Seafood Wholesaler, King crab exporter, Salmon fish exporter, scallop exporter, Seafood Distributor
Norway and UK Seafoods We supply are as follows - Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Redfish

Live, chilled, fresh and frozen seafood Atlantic salmon, fresh Atlantic cod, Atlantic mackerel (scomber scombrus), Atlantic trout, king crab legs, live whole king crab (paralithodes camtschaticus), live tiger lobsters, fresh Canadian lobsters, fresh flower lobsters, Norwegian lobsters, crayfish, fresh salmon fillets, cod fillets, frozen Atlantic salmon, frozen cod fish, cod roe, cod bladder, frozen salmon heads, salmon bellies, salmon fillets, salmon backbones

Frozen Mackerel fish,atlantic-mackerel ,Scomber-Scombrus

The source of supplying the fish are purchased from fishery cooperative on tender basis nearby in each area of the cold storage.
Which is well-known as large-scale ria coast. We are buying straight from our associated fisheries, which mean we are like a first hand from the fishing vessels then also taking advantage of quality control utalizing own logistic service in the vicinty of each buying base and cold storage in cooperation with associated partners in our business territory.Fishery Resources is very important as well as Agricultural Resources in Japan.On the other hand, it is very difficult to maintain the high quality therefore our Vertical Integrated System is essential in order to create high quality products and competitive price.It is mackerel round of Hokkaido, Sanriku catch.
Season is winter from autumn.However mackerel there are topped with fat in other time.April from March as fast as the south is from spring to summer, June is in the north, the High in July.2, mature and lay eggs in three years will be repeated.The price is a reference price. Please feel free to inquire about the current.

Our prices are second to none, contact us for more details.


Product name Mackerel
Latin name Pneumatophorus japonicus
Specification 100/130gr ; 130/160gr ; 150/200gr ; 200/300gr ; 300/500gr
Freezing process BQF (Block Quick Frozen) & IQF (Individual Quick Frozen)
Freezing type Sea frozen/Land Frozen
Catch area Pacific ocean FAO 61
Catch methods Light-seine
MOQ 1 x 40'FCL, loading with 28,000kgs.
Package 10KG carton pakcing with inner polybag
Weight 10KG per carton, N.W 9.5 kg, 5% Glazing

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Hansson Fishing AS

Certification: ISCO,FDA AND HALAL
Main Product: Live Red King Crab, Atlantic Salmon Fish, Fresh Trout Fish
Location: Havn, Oslo, Norway
Registration: 7 months ago
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