Atlantic Salmon Fish, Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fish For Sale / Salmon Fillet / Salmon Head / Salmon Bellies / Salmon Salar

Price: % 6.20/kg
Min Order: 1000kg
Product style: Fresh
Place of Origin: Norway
Packing: 20kg/box
Size: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000gram
Quantity: 2000 tons
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We are Seafood processor, seafood exporter, Seafood Wholesaler, King crab exporter, Salmon fish exporter, scallop exporter, Seafood Distributor
Norway and UK Seafoods We supply are as follows - Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Redfish

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We are seafood suppliers with about 40 vessels along the coastlines of Europe and Mediterranean sea. We can supply you with Atlantic Mackerel from the oceans of Norway which has the best quality low fat content and best taste.

Origin: The cold, clear waters of Norway

Availability: Year-round

Sizes: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg and plus

Latin name: Salmon Salar

The Fish:
Norwegian Salmon are sustainably raised and cared for under strict, nationally regulated

Strict Regulations: Raised and cared for under strict Norwegian regulation throughout the production chain to ensure food safety
No Antibiotics: Due to new disease-fighting techniques and preventive measures, the use of antibiotics is currently approaching zero
No Color Added: Flesh color comes from diet supplements that are similar to vitamins
All-Natural Diet: Norwegian Salmon are fed an all-natural diet composed of both vegetable and marine raw material, such as fish oil and fish meal from wild fish, plus vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
Norwegian ocean-farmed salmon are raised in pens in the cold, clear waters of Norway.
To prevent overcrowding and ensure sufficient swimming space, ocean net pens contain 2.5% fish to 97.5% water. Salmon are given the time, space and opportunity to fully mature.
Combining hard-earned experience and advanced technology, the industry is able to monitor and promote healthy fish growth and food safety at every step
Norway’s seafood industry pioneered the development of responsible ocean salmon farming in the early 1970s.
Salmon aquaculture is among the most resource-efficient methods of food production, as salmon are more than twice as efficient as pork and chicken at converting feed to energy and ultimately meat for human consumption
Today, Norway’s aquaculture industry ranks among the world’s leading programs
Safe to Consume Raw:
Exempt from the freezing requirement for fish (U.S. Food Code section 3-402.11) because it is an aquaculture fish, raised in net pens in open water and fed formulated feed

Taste and Texture:
Moist, flaky meat
Clean, fresh-tasting
Handling and Storage:
Whole salmon—pack in fresh ice daily in drain pan or shipping coffin, belly down
Portioned IQF salmon—pack in ice until use (1–2 days after thaw)
In refrigerator or a cold water bath in refrigerator overnight
Defrosted product should be used within 24 hours
How to Tell if Norwegian Salmon Is Fresh:
Bright orange color and beautiful white lines
Smell should be sweet and ocean-like—never fishy
Nutritional Information:
Norwegian Salmon is especially rich in:


Vitamins A, D, B12



How to Prepare:
Salmon is a very versatile protein. Common preparation methods include






Cold- or hot-smoked

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Hansson Fishing AS

Certification: ISCO,FDA AND HALAL
Main Product: Live Red King Crab, Atlantic Salmon Fish, Fresh Trout Fish
Location: Havn, Oslo, Norway
Registration: 7 months ago
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