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Vina Prawn Co.,Ltd

Location:, Baclieu City, Baclieu Province





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Mekong delta, central land

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Container Loading Check

During Production Inspection

Factory Audit

Final Random Inspection

Production Monitoring

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Dear Valued Customer VINA PRAWN Co.,LTD was founded based on the desired to connect value between the customer and supplier, been building by knowledgeable team to quality of Vietnamese Shrimp, also that understands the intricacies of business operation in Vietnam.With the vision ‘to enable all kinds of food transactions anywhere over the world, anytime - reliably and securely on behalf of our customers’,We have the mission to provide the right products to right markets with quality standards, competitive price and good service to meet our customers demand. Because we have a team of quality management experience, enthusiasm whom selecting the processing plant based on strictly assessment to actual capacity and on reality of quality management system standard. We are fully committed to our work with all our hearts and mind to ensure the best quality product when delivering to customers. We pride ourselves support to you on worldwide procurement, ensure sourcing , quality management and excellent customer service. We will continue to leverage our global reach and scope of services to deliver real client value through a strong belief and a solid commitment to our vision and our mission.“ Trust, Value and Sustainable ”.

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Vina Prawn Co.,Ltd
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