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How to Buy

There are 2 ways to search buyers on Seafooddemand.com

1/ Search by yourself

Search product

You can find a product either Keyword Search or Selling leads pages.

Search by yourself Search by yourself

Contact Supplier Directly

If you find the product you are looking for, you can send an inquiry immediately to supplier.

Search by yourself

2/ Let Suppliers find you

If you have not yet been the member of seafooddemand

You can post inquiry as the visitor by filling the form with full informations, Seafooddemand will help you posting the inquiry.

Let Suppliers find you

If you were the member of seafooddemand

To have suppliers contact you, you need to post buying leads. Sign in -> come to "Buying products" and do as instruction. Suppliers will offer you directly.

Let Suppliers find you

If you meet any difficulties

Please click Contact Support on the right

Let Buyers find you