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Please login your account → click Upgrade Gold Member page → then you click the “Buy Now” in the frame, you need to select a form of payment and you will be moved to page Billing → Your account will be upgraded within 24 hours after SeafoodDemand receives your payment. Special! If you payment online, your account will be upgraded immediately after payment success.

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Gold Member must be upgraded by min 1 years, and maximum 3 years. If you register or renew for 2 years or more, you will receive a discount of 10% - 15%

Please click on the Contact Now button on the page you are viewing. Then fill in the required fields and click Submit. Finally, you wait for feedback from exporters.

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T/T means telegraphic transfer, or simply a wire transfer. It's the simplest and easiest payment method to use. You could go to your bank if you would like to pay by T/T.

You prefer to pay through T/T for offline orders (means it is outside of that you make payment to the supplier directly), it will be better to be used between buyers and sellers who have already established a mutual trust.

CIF means Cost, Insurance, and Freight. CIF is used when the supplier must pay the costs, freight, and insurance to ship the goods to the named port of destination.

Please contact support and clarify your problem. Thanks!

If you are a member of, please Sign In --> Go to Tickets in Dashboard, create a Ticket and sent a request to our Support Team.

You can distinguish between Free and Gold members with the Gold Member icon. Or find good buyers/suppliers with TrustPoint. A High TrustPoint synonymous Prestigious member.