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HERMES TFC LLC is one of the biggest importers in the Ukrainian market for freshly frozen and refrigerated fish and seafood ,fish products, frozen meat and meat products, poultry and poultry products, vegetables and fruits. Since it was founded, the company has set itself challenging and ambitious objectives: to take part in stabilising the market chaos and resolving the numerous problems of the nation’s acquaculture. Step by step the company has advanced from being a young and profitable enterprise during a period of complete consumer deficit into its present position as the civilised leader of today’s market, using advanced technology. And we made no mistake in predicting trends. The prospects for growth and development accurately specified at the outset have made the company the leader in an important sector, and a reliable and effective partner which out-performs the rest in terms of quality and product range. Its superiority in imports and distribution, cooperation with the world leaders in catching and breeding fish, exclusive contracts and the broadest sales network are just some of the features which make up the success of the HERMES FROZEN FOOD. We welcome in our partners the desire to expand and satisfy the Ukrainian market for frozen foods, fish and seafood, and to make it more diverse and accessible. As the one of the largest traders in freshly-frozen and refrigerated seafood, the HERMES FROZEN FOOD invites you to become part of the infrastructure of the Ukrainian food industry. QUALITY FOR THE FUTURE!

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