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“Global Seafood Marketing is one of the sister companies of Global Food Marketing. GFM Group is so much inspired & grateful to the nature that it devised its methodology in such a way that works to help manage and protect this Globe whereas several of its companies are individually serving this Earth by committing themselves to Continuous Sustainable Development that ensures a better Quality of life for everyone. GFM Group of Companies is operating in Different countries across the world through its representatives.” Global Seafood Marketing, work as an International food contractor in compliance with International Standards. We supply varieties of fish & fishery products as raw material in large quantity from different parts of the world to our permanent customers like Armed Forces, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Caterings, Airlines and also involved in Retail Processing Companies and Canning Packers.” Mission Statement Global Seafood Marketing aims to facilitate seafood supply at such affordable prices that its natural nutrients can be consumed by everyone by providing the best quality of safe and healthy seafood.

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