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Chunshen (Group) Corporation commenced its foundation by several companies including Fujian FuGeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Fujian Chunzhishen Business Management Co., Ltd. Chunshen is one of the leading companies in marine ecological industry. The business line covers the industrial investment and development of marine industry, the mixed-use exploration and utilization of marine fishery resource. Chunshen has rich experience in international industrial construction and operation of marine fishery industry, including the international co-operation on fishery production, the sustainable development of coast resources, ecological development of offshore aquaculture, and industrial exploration and utilization of new biotechnology including cultivation of high-quality anti-degenerate fish fries and bio-feed research and production.Chunshen committed to the marine industry development for nearly 25 years, gathered a wealth of experience in supporting the national new energy and new marine fishery equipment research, and in putting them into practice and production. E.g. the manufacturing of the energy-saving equipment for fishing boat, aquatic product and frozen food business, and other marine industry businesses.The Group carries the construction of Fujian FTZ(Free Trade Zone) "21st Century Maritime Silk Road Seafood Trading & Cooperation Platform ", actively expand the coverage of the aquatic products processing and trading center and the cold-chain logistics center in the southeastern coastal area, accelerate the mutual beneficial communication and cooperation between Taiwan and China mainland, China and ASEAN in the field of fishery industry.Chunshen has co-invested 780 million RMB in Fujian FTZ together with Indonesia to build the major international logistics center of the cold chain. This logistics center is planned to undertake the construction, operation and management of the O2O trading platform for national supermarket chain, the packing, canning, packaging, branding and distribution of all kinds of international goods (especially between China and ASEAN), and the import and export business of agricultural products, marine products and food with original packaging.Within the board support of advantageous resources from ASEAN countries, Chunshen actively practice the national "One Belt and One Road"(OBAOR) development strategy, actively participate in the development and expansion in the maritime Silk Road’s countries, actively carry out interconnection cooperation with Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka, especially focused on the marine industrialization of agriculture, fishery industry, the green marine eco-tourism industry investment and business development, especially in marine fisheries development, investment, construction , technical services and management services.At present the Group has invested 1.8 billion RMB in Jawa Tengah in Indonesia, planning to create ecological offshore aquaculture industry chain in several phases. 6 billion anti-degenerate fish fries and 10 billion shrimp seeds of high quality will be propagated each year. Production base has been constructed which will be capable of providing 200,000 tons of biological fish and shrimp food, meanwhile fine processing all kinds of marine products for 180,000 tons. The first phase has already went into operation and obtained healthy economic and social benefit, therefore been labeled as demonstrative project by Indonesia government, and been high praised as a good example of Chinese enterprise participating marine fishery development in Indonesia. The Group always adhere to technological innovation and scientific development. Together with a number of domestic and international marine research institution, "Marine Academy of Science and Technology" has been established. Meanwhile, “ASEAN Marine Fisheries professional and technical personnel training base” is being established in Semarang, Indonesia, providing technical support platform for local businesses and local fishermen, improving the local cultivation technique and the quality of local marine products, expanding the influence of Chinese marine economy in ASEAN member countries.The Group owns definable business customer base globally, which covers the international market in Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Latin American. The sales and marketing network throughout China has been built for the domestic market, management center has been established in Yangtza Delta, Zhujiang Delta, Bohai ring area, Central Plains region, the West Coast and in the western region of China, Asian marine products distribution center was constructed in Indonesia and Malaysia.The Group has invested 780 million RMB in Fujian FTZ together with Indonesia enterprise SAMUDERA JAYA during 2014, in order to build- The digital management center as low and ultra-low temperature cold chain hub for major international and cross-border e-commerce companies, which owns storage capacity for 200,000 tons.- The exhibition center and distribution center for marine products, agricultural products and original packaging food from other countries in the Greater China region.- The export production base which reaches the required EU standard.- The cloud computing and data processing center for international e-commerce companies.This project has greatly contributed to the economic cooperation between China and the maritime Silk Road countries, and has successfully achieved a win-win development strategy.The company insist on brand management, keep improving production technology and product development capabilities, providing the world with a wide range of eco-green and healthy food. The Group holds more than 50 kinds of trademark such as "Fu Geng", "Chun Shen "," TOP ISLAND SEAFOOD ", "Jia Pin Ke" and "Whistle beans", three national invention patents of marine industry, as well as advanced production facilities and production technology. Follow the trends of international and domestic markets, Chunshen team actively contributing to the national “One Belt And One Road” developing strategy and the construction of the Maritime Silk Road.

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