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STARLIGHT BUSINESS ZONE AS is a premium Thailand company specialized in catching and supplying seafood(mackerel,tuna,king crab,lobster,tilapia, etc) to both domestic and international markets. This family run business is a recognised leader in its field whose name is synonymous with both excellence and quality. A Convenient Reliable and Guaranteed Source of Seafood processing STARLIGHT BUSINESS ZONE AS coperation has the capacity to process seafood quicker and fresher than many other facilities throughout the world. Equipment is mainly constructed of stainless steel and is subject to daily sanitation programs. We use both automated and manual production lines to cook, cool and freeze seafood. We ensure that the fish first caught by harvesters is the first processed in our facility. We encourage buyers to visit our facility on an ongoing basis to undertake quality inspections, and to confirm supply expectations and schedules. During production, we prepare quality control reports for all seafood processed. We hold our seafood in cold storage until it is distributed to market. The Government of Thailand also enforces a quality program for processors to monitor raw material, temperature, storage, handling and quality . A Convenient Reliable and Guaranteed Source of Seafood harvesting STARLIGHT BUSINESS ZONE AS has a good relationship with the harvesters who supply our processing plants. We work with them to ensure seafood arrives at our facility in the freshest quality possible. In addition, the Government of Norway and Labrador enforces a quality program for harvesters to monitor temperature, storage and handling. Vessels are inspected at random upon landing. STARLIGHT BUSINESS ZONE AS can offer as the first company from Norway, frozen at sea, cooked seafood products. The vessel T-6-T , "F/F Kvitungen", Factory number T 1 NO is currently dispacthings its load at Arctic Catch As. For more info pls contact :, The production onboard the vessel is 10 or 25 kgs random weight.

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