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We are looking for a business or join partner. Our company main products are Tuna yellowfin and Soft-shell crab. As we are not processing Soft-shell crab anymore, because of our current government new regulation that prohibited us from catching and exporting Soft-shell crab. That leave us with unused processing room. and we would like to offer you services. as we can process any products you need. Our factory facilities include, - 1 Chiller Freezer (capacity of 10 tons) - 4 Airblast Freezer (capacity of 2.5 tons per Airblast) - 1 Coldstorage (capacity of 250 tons) - 3 Bandsaw Machine - 2 Vacuum Machine (Double chambers) - Loading space for 20" or 40" container - Laboratorium for testing We also produce our own ice for factory uses with capacity of 3 tons flake ice a day. We employs up to 60 people. We implement : - HACCP grade A Available export to UE and USA (all country) - GMP - Halal certificate Our current approval number : - South Korea (2-62) - China (CR-008-02) - Vietnam (VR.B_006_02) - Rusia (RR.B-169-02) - Canada (CND.B-115-002) If you are interested and need more information, Please do not hesitate to ask. E-mail : ong.jansen18 at Phone : +62 813 6116 9830

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