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Harta Samudra Seafood was established in 2008 in a 7,000 Meter land in Ambon City Maluku Indonesia We stand Harta Samudra Seafood is a wholesaler of quality Live fresh frozen and Dried seafood products. The wide variety of products consist of Live Mud Crab ,Live Lobster ,Fresh barramundi ,Frozen Mackerel ,Frozen Tuna All product is Original From Indonesian sea Harta Samudra Keep the seafood source and sustainably whenever possible in order to maintain control over the quality and freshness of our product. Quality products and excellent service combined with the most competitive pricing have resulted in Harta Samudra Seafood being a leader in the seafood industry in Indonesia. PERFORMANCE : We shall perform better than our competitors. Performance is not only about the results we achieve but also on how we achieve them. We take individual responsibility for personal objectives and results. We continuously improve our performance and delivering on commitments. And we do what we have decided to do. HIGH QUALITY : We shall supply high quality seafood from sustainable fisheries. It is important to secure sustainable fish stock for the generations to come. We work only with suppliers that have the same view on this important factor as our self. Being able to harvest from sustainable resources we believe these products deserve to be treated with high quality and respect. COSTUMER FOCUS : We shall be the preferred seafood partner to our customers. All of our decisions are taken with the customer in focus. Working together with the customers in a long term partnership, we aim to add value for our customers as well as for Premier Seafood. We do research and fully understand our selected markets by frequent traveling. We work with our customers to build long-term partnerships for mutual benefit. We understand the impact on our customers of our business decisions. We deliver on our promises and commitments. RESPONSIBILITY : We have a social responsibility and we carefully protect the positive image of the company. We demonstrate this on a daily basis by respecting the culture, custom and rules of the countries we export our products to. We have an open and accurately communication with all our customers and have the courage to express our opinion. We take personal responsibility for our actions and perform the duties to the best of our ability and with integrity.

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