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Gia Minh Foods company is the fresh chilled and frozen seafood processor, exportor, importor and trader in Vietnam. With two divisions ( export division and import division) we can meet various demand of customers. Export division : After over 15 years working in seafood industrial, we found that there were a lot of importors would like to buy the mixed containers with many frozen items (5-6 items per 20FT container, 1-2 tons per each items) and they met a lot of difficulties such as they have to spend a lot of times for finding the factory, dealing the price and arranging the consolidation, etc... (even there are a lot of factories refused the small order with 1tons or 2 tons) and normally these importors will not get the good price because factory will offer the high price to compensate the relating cost of small order. The purpose of establishing Gia Minh Foods company is solve all these difficulties for importors who would like to buy the mixed containers with many items. With the main factory in Quang Phu industrial zone, one of the main lading port of marine fishes in Vietnam, we can collect and process many kind of frozen marine fishes here. In additional, we established the very good relationship with reliable factories in Mekong Delta River and in other regions to get red tilapia/pangasius/shrimp,... and cold storage in Ho Chi Minh city to keep product for consolidation. This helped us can supply various quality frozen Vietnam seafood products : Pangasius, Shells (clam, arkshell, Scallop,...), Shrimps (black tiger, vannamei, scampi, cat tiger, pink shrimp, lobster,...), Cephalopods ( squid, cuttlefish, octopus, ... ), Seawater fishes ( tuna, skipjack tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, swordfish, red snapper, parrotfish, emperor fish, red mullet, grouper, ribbonfish, indian mackerel, round scad, ... ), Mixed seafoods, Surimi crab stick, etc... Gia Minh Foods export products to all corners of the world. Some of the countries we currently export to are Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hongkong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Nigeria, Mauritius, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Reunion, US, UAE. Import division : We are sourcing seafood around the world for Vietnam market, both domestic consumption and import/re-export demand. For domestic consumption, we are mainly interested in frozen/fresh salmon product ( head, whole round gutted, fillet, fin, belly,etc... ), capelin. For import/ex-export demand, we are intetested in seafrozen Tuna, Marlin, Oilfish, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, shrimp, red snapper, etc... We established the very good relationship with many suppliers from Norway, Chile, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Peru, Singapore and this helps us always get the priority from suppliers. Why choose Gia Minh Foods ? • We give the customer options, so they can make informed decisions on exactly what they want, not what we think they want • If our customer is happy, we are happy and we will go the extra mile to make sure they are • Our suppliers are as important as our customers • Each customer is King and as important as the next • We make decisions and give answers quickly. Bureaucracy does not time us down Our custom comes from word of mouth with no need to advertise. What better endorsement can you get? “Ensuring the highest level of customers satisfaction” what makes Gia Minh Foods a better company in seafood field.1

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