TOP 13 Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

Health Benefits Of Eating Seafood

Health is always an important issue for the development of the brain and the mind of man. Every day we have to deal with a lot of dirt, air pollution, the environment. Therefore necessary to purify the body regularly and above all to focus on eating. And nothing is more nutritious than eating seafood, eating fish at least twice a week. Not only helps develop bone, brain but helps the body increase resistance, supply vitamin, Omega and thousands of other nutrients. Together we spot 13 amazing benefits for health by eating seafood:

1. Protect the cardiovascular health, avoid stroke

For heart disease, stroke is the leading cause of death in people. The cardiovascular disease should be treated and prevented as soon as possible and it is important to maintain a healthy heart.

For a healthy heart, you must provide the essential nutrients for them. One of the essential nutrients for the heart is omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood and especially in fish. A study by more than 40,000 US researchers found that people who eat fish and seafood regularly reduce their risk of heart disease by 15 percent. Moreover, they reduce the amount of triglyceride in the blood and reduce the bad cholesterol in the body.

2. Strengthens endurance for muscles/joints

If you are suffering from arthritis symptoms, you are probably deficient in calcium. The addition of seafood, fish to the body will limit you to that risk. If you add seafood regularly to your diet, it will help your body mitigate problems related to joints.

3. Helps women with smooth skin and non-aging face

In seafood, there are many omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. Their effect is to moisturize the skin, make the skin beautiful, healthy. Protein reduces the aging process and promotes the production of collagen to help balance and enhance the skin.

The appearance of the skin is the most obvious voice for each person's health. Skin is most affected by food, the source of daily nutrients in the body rather than the sun, wind, and dust. Regularly adding seafood to your meal will keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

4. Improve your vision

Have you ever heard of macular degeneration in the eye? This is an important cause of vision loss and blindness, especially as you get older. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids help to improve the onset of macular degeneration by up to 42% in women.

Fatty acids in fish and shellfish such as crabs, crabs, etc. will help you to reduce your visual acuity as you age and support your eyesight.

5. Brain development, memory long and smarter

The effects of age-related aging are functional deficits in the brain. This may sound normal, but it's more likely that you may have Alzheimer's. One study found that eating fish often slows the aging process, while eating fish regularly has more carbohydrates in the brain, avoiding memory loss.

In addition, the amount of DHA and EPA found in seafood stimulates the brains of infants and young children.

6. Good for pregnant women

During pregnancy, especially new mothers who have first pregnancy. Without adequate nutrition, it is easy for preterm labor, premature birth, and deterioration of the child's health. Eating seafood provides almost adequate nutrients, which help develop the central nervous system for both mother and baby.

7. Strengthen the immune system, fight disease

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the overall growth and development of the body. DHA is also particularly important, which builds up in the brain and eyes. Selenium in seafood is also a powerful antioxidant with the effect of improving the immune system.

8. Anti-depression in adults and children

Depression is very widespread and extremely serious in modern society. They are considered a serious mental disorder. When you are in a bad mood, being depressed, not interested in activities in your life will be very depressing.

Many studies and controls have shown that omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce depression, increasing the effectiveness of the depot. Eating seafood every day will make you happier and happier.

9. Good for lungs or asthma

Chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract or asthma is a disease that often occurs in children. Over the last few years, the incidence has increased dramatically. According to the study, children will reduce the incidence of disease by up to 24% if they eat seafood but are ineffective for adults.

Fish is a food that protects the lungs. In fish, there is a lot of vitamin D, which increases the function of the lungs. Fish fat and fatty fish are abundant sources.

10. Provide the necessary nutrients for the body

Seafood is a natural source of almost all essential nutrients for the body. Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin D, and B-complex vitamins. resistance…
However, you need to select the type of seafood, especially fish to use for reasonable, health protection such as salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel ... And eat different seafood foods to Provides adequate nutrients for the body.

11. Very good for people with anemia

You are deficient in iron and zinc, so your condition is anemic. If you normally eat seafood, it will help to increase hemoglobin in the body. Besides, zinc rich seafood makes your hair smooth and beautiful.

12. Reduce the risk of diabetes

Diabetes in the elderly is quite difficult for those who suffer. They turn out to be many other diseases and limit your eating. According to preliminary research, omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil reduce the risk of diabetes and support for good treatment.

13. Improve sleep quality

Insufficient sleep, no deep sleep leading to a tired body, depressed, work productivity significantly reduced. This is the cause of sleep disorders are very common in the world today. There are many reasons for this insomnia, but researchers think that providing adequate vitamin D will help improve sleep. A salmon meal will improve your daily insomnia.