What is SeafoodDemand.com

SeafoodDemand.com is established in August 2011 with purpose is help all people/companies around the world, who would like to buy and/or would like to sell seafood products, have a perfect website for trading.

our working

The main difference between SeafoodDemand.com and others B2B websites is all members can contact together directly, all informations of member such as company name, address, tel, fax, email address, website are displayed.

In additional, everyday, SeafoodDemand.com forward all inquiries & offers to all members, it keeps all members don’t miss any inquiries & offer.

All member will get

Although SeafoodDemand.com is the young B2B website, but by giving all members many useful informations and benefits so there were a lot of peoplecompanies registered to become the member, after more than three years (since August 2011) there were more than 2800 users around the world registered to become members.

Useful Informations

Better Support

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It's free

Even free member enjoy a fully featured company website (view a free sample profile) including contact details, company logo, corporate URL* and pictures, and of course full exposure of all their products, buying and selling offers and their press releases.

Add your company in our database

Search for Buying Leads/Selling Leads in multiple ways

Send offer/inquiry to seller/buyer directly

Be received new inquiries/offers when other members post

Company website

Product showroom

100% Human Approvedz

Quality is essential in International trade! Therefore every single company profile, product, buying lead, selling offer and press release is pending and unpublished until SeafoodDemand staff members review, revise and approve these postings (or delete spam or nonsense-entries).

100% Up-To-Date & Current

There is simply no use for B2B Marketplaces with millions of out-dated product offers or trade leads that have been submitted several years ago. Serious user are getting frustrated on such websites when finding out that a listed company is already out of business since the nineties or that the product in question has been taken out production years ago.

  • All selling leads expire after 30 days and all buying leads expire after 60 days!
  • The entries will not be deleted but automatically unpublished until the supplier logs in to renew and/or update their trade leads.
  • This way all trade offers are always up-to-date!
  • You can only renew your trade offers for another 30 days.
  • If you fail to renew your entries, they will be set to "unpublished" and potential buyers can not "see".
  • There will be 3 reminder emails send to you: 10 days prior expiration, then 3 days and then 1 day before expiration.
  • You must log-in and click the renewal button to extend your entries.
  • If you modify your products or trading offers the 30 days countdown starts again.
  • The actual date of your initial posting is NOT changed via the renewal function.

Yes we know

There have been numerous discussions about this tough 30 days expiration policy (e.g. "... I was on vacation while my listings expired ..." etc.). However, please understand that this feature is essential to keep our high quality standards - and serious buyer appreciate very much to find at SeafoodDemand.com B2B only up-to-date and current trading offers - which is in fact very good for you and every supplier and manufacturer!