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Stingray fish

Dear Sir,We are interested in Stingray fish whole (Latin name: Dasyatis pastinaca) If your esteem company can supply it. Please give us the offer a...

Date posted: Jul 24 2018


Stingray wing

Stingray wing (skin removed) from the size under 300g of whole round. (Not available above 350 g) 10kg of block frozen. LC at sight, FOB or CNF Kwan...

Date posted: Sep 2 2017


Frozen Whole round Stingray and Giant Sea Catfish

Please offer me : + Frozen Whole round Stingray 100-1000g and up + Frozen Whole round Giant Sea Catfish 1000/2000, 3000 upKatie Thai Marina Partne...

Date posted: Feb 11 2016


frozen stingray

This is Katie from Thailand. I would like to get a quotation on frozen stingray at CFR term to Port of Bangkok, Thailand. You can send the quotat...

Date posted: Dec 28 2015


Buy raw skin salmon, skin sturgeon, skin the giant squid, skin carp, skin stingray

All skin should be without meat.The skin should be maintain the integrity of size, no damage. On the one fish should be one piece or two pieces of...

Date posted: Dec 26 2013


Blue swimming crabs, 3 spotted crabs and stingray

one company in Korea want to buy blue and 3 spotted swimming crabs W/R. Also want Stingray wings. Interest exporters may contact with all information...

Date posted: Mar 19 2013


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