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Dear Sir,

Frozen fresh fish from your Region is taking the lead in our Regional Markets here, and frozen fish sellers from your region visits here regularly, they build relationship with Local Distributors here, and the sells goes well.

So, We also seek the same partnership with you, so we writes to ask for your cooperation in Buys and sells of Frozen fresh fish. We also invites you to visit us here, as we will arrange your invitation and your visa.

Presently we have demands for Frozen fresh fish.

Types – all types Mackerels, all types of Tunas, all types of Bonitos and all types of Tilapia. Because our major type of fish we buys are fishes in the Families of Scombridae and Tilapiine cichlid tribe of Cichlid Family. Packing – 10K Crton.


Isaac Kalu

Address - C/01509 Vedoko, Cotonou

Province - Littoral

Country - Benin Republic

Zip code - 00229

Phone/Fax - 0022921153425

Mobile - 0022966533351