There are 2 ways to search buyer on

- Search Product

You can find the buyers of your products either Keyword Search or Buying leads pages

If you find the buyers and that buyers were the member of Seafooddemand.

To see the contact informations please login your account then you can stee

If you find the right inquiry but it was posted by “Seafooddemand Support�

only gold member can see the contact informations of this inquiry because we had to pay money to get this inquiry. So on this situation, please login to see contact informations if you are gold member, or you should consider to become gold member of

- If you were the member of Seafooddemand :

To have buyers contact you, you need to post selling leads. Sign in -> come to "Selling Prodct" and do as instruction.
(If you meet any difficulty, please click TIP on the right). Suppliers will offer you directly.

- If you meet any difficulties, you can see on the TOP question or ask us directly