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Chen Marine Company Profile

Chen Marine Seafood was co-founded in 2010 by the brother and sister management team of James Chow and Cecilia Chow.
Together, they spare no effort in providing the supplier and customer with the best service and the most detailed and current information regarding the company’s product line.

Our target customer base is wholesalers, food service, supermarkets, national restaurant chains, fish markets and distributors.
We do not sell individual restaurants or to the general public.

We will cheerfully recommend to anyone asking for our fine seafood products to one of our many convenient wholesalers.
Those who work with Premium enjoy many satisfying business experiences.
James and Cecilia have succeeded in making Premium Seafood the most respected name in the seafood industry.

James Chow, President of Chen Marine Seafood, earned his B.A. and graduated from New York University as an honor student.
Growing up in New York, James always loved the complexities of the ocean and waterways which surrounded NYC.
Our President went straight from the classroom, to work at one of the largest seafood importers and wholesalers on the East Coast.

James vast levels of experience in all aspects of the seafood industry make him an expert in the fields of import, export, trading and brokering within the complex business of shrimp and seafood distribution.
James has a solid grasp of the various marketing aspects of the food business.

His expertise in sales and sourcing of shrimp and fish products from around the world enable him to find the type of seafood that Premium’s customers request.
As a result, Michael is able to obtain the greatest value for both the supplier and end user.

Cecilia Chow, Vice President of Chen Marine Seafood, earned her Bachelor degree from Queens College.
While employed as a paralegal, she was able to acquire and refine her skills with office management.

Cecilia joined the seafood industry in 2011. As Executive Office Manager and Vice President of Chen Marine Seafood, she supervises the various financial and bookkeeping responsibilities for the company.

With her focus on customer relations, Cecilia excels as Chen Marine Seafood’s distribution coordinator and leads the detailed process of traffic control.

She ensures that the products arrive quickly and efficiently from the oceans of the world to the freezers of the company’s many and varied types of customers.
Our Vice-President has a keep understanding of not only seafood, but suppliers and customer needs as well.

Cecilia good nature and amiable personality is well known in the industry.
Helpful and charming, Cecilia is always available to meet Chen Marine’s business partner’s demands.