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Detailed Buying Lead Description:

1. Scope
Whole frozen tuna of the species Katsuwonus pelamis – Skipjack tuna.
Sizes: Between 1,8kg and 3,4kg; Greater than 3,4kg.
2. Capture Methods
The fish should be caught by a recognized Dolphin-safe method.

The fish should be fresh, clean, properly frozen, presenting good handling from catch, should be unbroken, no signs
of damaged fish, no discolouration and should be free from foreign/rancid odours and from foreign matters,
including parasites. Freezer burns are not allowed.

Parameters Maximum levels
Histamine <30ppm
Mercury <1ppm
Cadmium <0,1ppm
Lead <0,3ppm
Salt (% Nacl): <1,7% (no individual samples exceed 1,7%)

Microbiological Standards
Micro-organism Limits
Total Viable Count (30ºC): <1x105 ufc/g
Total Coliform: Absent in 1g
Escherichia coli: Absent in 0,1g
Sporulated Sulphite-reducing clostridia: Absent in 0,1g
Staphylococcus aureus, gram positive: <1x102 ufc/g
Salmonella sp.: Absent in 25g
Vibrio sp.: Absent in 25g
Listeria monocytogenes: Absent in 25g

Documentary Requirements
i. Catch Certificate (if the tuna comes from a non EU country)
ii. Health Certificate
iii. Packing list (should include information regarding the freezing method used e.g. brine, tunnel)
iv. Certificate of analysis (Salt (%NaCl) and Histamine mandatory per lot)
v. Dolphin-safe Certificates and Captain Statements
vi. Other Certificates regarding sustainability (e.g. MSC, FOS, FAD Free)


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