This is the list of buyers which Team would like to introduce to seafood suppliers, we only have one aim is hope that this information can help suppliers find out more buyers,so if you can supply their purchasing roducts, please contact them directly as information we display.
If you are the buyer and you want more company know you, please contact us today for display information here(please don’t worry, no need to pay us any money to introduce your comany here)

Address:Trettaustr. 22 21107 Hamburg Deutschland
Purchasing products:Barramundi, Octopus, Alaska Troll Coho Salmon, Chile King Crab, Eel, Catfish, Red Gurnard, Ribaldo, Lobster...
Address:Fiskerivej 1
Purchasing products:Cod, haddock, hoki, Alaska pollock, saithe, salmon
Country/Region:United Kingdom
Address:Vallis House, Vallis Road, 57 Frome, Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM
Purchasing products:Shrimps (Argentina Pink - Spanish Scarlet - Ecuador Whites - Black Tiger), Squid (Giant Peru / Chile Squid - Argentina Illex - NZ Arrow), Fish (Halibut - Salmon - Trout - Cod - Grenadier - Croaker - Mackerel -etc.), Molluscs (Topshell - Whelks - Mussels - Scallops - etc.), Crustacean (Lobster - King Crab - Snow Crab - Brown crab - etc.)
Address:Rungis, FRANCE
Purchasing products:fresh product,
Country/Region:United States
Address:3422 Old Capitola Trl, Suite 204, Wilmington, DE, USA
Purchasing products:fish & seafood
Address:St. Witebska 63
Purchasing products:Alaska Pollock fillets, Hake fillets, Tilapia fillets, Pangasius fillets, Yellow Fin Sole, Pike Perch fillets skin on, Grenland Cod fillets skinless, Hoki fillets skin on, Halibut steaks, Wild Salmon steaks, Wild Salmon fillets, Baltic Cod fillets skin on, King klip fillets, Alaska Pollock brickets, Alaska Pollock fillets, Hake fillets, Breaded Black Tiger Shrimps, Coctail Shrimps, Seafood Mix, Black Tiger Shrimps 16/20, Black Tiger Shrimps 31/40, Clams without shell, Mussels on shells, Calamari Rings
Purchasing products:fresh yellowfin tuna, hake capensis, frozen hake, monkfish, Argentinean prawns, barracouta, Patagonian squid, illex squid, South African rock lobster, ribbon fish, Senegalese sole, octopus, kingklip, ling.
Address:Tomada, S/N 15940 A Pobra Do Carami๑al A Coru๑a
Purchasing products:Tuna, Tuna loins frozen or chilled, Cephalopods, Rape, Sardine, Mackerel
Address:Loat No 619 - P.O.Box: 164, N. Michaniona, Thessaloniki, GREECE
Purchasing products:fresh and frozen blue crab, shrimp, langoustine, slipper lobster, mantis shrimp, ark shell, oyster, murex, limpet, mussel, venus shell, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, swordfish, flounder, tope shark, sole, brill, sardinella, horse mackerel, anchovy, goby, john dory, deal fish, ribbonfish, skate, conger eel, grey mullet, meagre, seabream, seabass, rainbow trout, carp, sturgeon, eel, nile perch, pike, sea cucumber, king crab, scallop, flounder, european perch, pangasius basa, cod, yellowfin tuna
Address:Burg. v.d. Lelystraat 2
Purchasing products:Black Tiger Prawn, Harina Prawn cooked & peeled, Squid Tubes, Surimi, Pangasius fillets, Tilapia fillets, Atlantic Sole fillets, Tuna, Oilfish, Marlin, Atlantic Cod Loins, Sea Bass Fillets
Address:143581 Moscow, Istrinskii region, Pavlo-Slobodskii Selskii District, Leshkovo 210
Purchasing products:shrimp, scallop and affordable fish in
Country/Region:United States
Address:239 Morgan Rd, Box 13 L Taos, NM 87571, United States
Purchasing products:Bay Scallops
Address:Moqabalyn Al-Sakhra Al-Moshrfah St.
Purchasing products:Calamari, Caviar, Crab, Lobster, Mussels, Salmon, Sushi, Seafood Salad, Sea Scallop,
Country/Region:United Arab Emirates
Address:Saladdin Rd. Deira, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Purchasing products:Shrimps, crabs, squid products, mackerel
Address:Gorriti 3666, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Purchasing products:- Hake Gayi HGT and Hake Hubbsi HGT - Hake Fillet - Bullet Mackerel tuna - Squid Illex Argentinus - Squid Dosidicus Gigas - Shrimp Vannamei - Bumper - Moonfish (Selene Peruviana) - Oil fish - Butterfish - Blue shark - Yellow croacker - Atlantic Herring - Atlantic Salmon - Pacific Salmon - Kingclip abadejo - Chilean Seabass - Skipjack whole round for canning, 500 MT - Alaska Pollock WR - Hoki HGT - Savorin WR - Seatrout WR - Nothotenia WR - Prawn whore round - Silverside

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